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Uploading pictures with my name?

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I sse a lot of guys with pics and quotes that are attached everytime. How can I get some on here? Can I just upload them from my computer?
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What you do is go to and click browse.
Select the image you would like to upload.
Imageshack will provide some various links for forums.
Also, at the bottom, after the image is uploaded there will be something like + Do not use on forums :lol:. When you expand that it will give you a direct link.

Then when you make a thread in the For Sale section click
and insert your link.

Or just use the code they give you for forums. Feel free to give it a try in this thread.
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Will this work for under your name? For instance, you have a pic of a fella holding his chin under your name, Lambera. This is what I want to do.
that's called an avatar. unfortunately you have to buy an subscription for that.
ill buy a subscription tonight if you tell me how to do it! i use this site more than facebook/myspace/s10forum/google/ebay put together and i would love to help the site!

...its my home! :) ...just showin my <3 for
wooo hoo im paid up... fo shizzle!
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