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vac line attached to air box

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Where does it go to? The side coming from the engine is still on, but the side after the air box isn't connected to anything. Is it supposed to be? I changed my air filter and didn't pay attention to where it went. Thanks.
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Well I dont have the stock airbox on, but the prm cai comes with a vacuum hose to replace one under the tb.
Ok, if you look at the rear valve cover, the vac line comes from the very far drivers side nipple. It is the top nipple on the driver side of the rear valve cover. Where does yours go to? Thanks alot.
If I'm understanding this correctly you need to know where the hose attaches to your airbox?? If that's the question there's a nipple on the back near the bottom. If not, well, I don't know what you're asking
Theres a vac line that goes from the rear valve cover. It like fits into the edge of the stock air box and runs around it. I am just not sure where it goes to. It comes from the far drivers side of the rear valve cover, the top nipple pointing up kind of.
Is it possible it doesn't attach to anything? It pulls air in when the car is running. Strong enough to hold itself against anything. Just don't see that it is supposed to be open vented. Is there anywhere to get a Factory service manual online for free?
I got it, thanks to Ruubstr94Ls :D
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