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Vaf Maf Question

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Hey, ive got a de with the stock vaf sensor and im getting a cel. so i figured i would change it. but im wondering if there are any maf sensors that could be put on without the need of a new ecu. IE will they communicate ok? i was thinking a 2000+ milenna maf. and are there any fuel filters that would flow better for a v6 mx6?
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basically no.
pull the CEL and see what it is.

if you already have and its reading a VAF malfunction, im sure someone on here will sell you one
so what i hear the only way to get a maf to work is with like a megasquirt system. but until then ill need a used vaf for my 6 right?
the megasquirt uses a MAP not a MAF, the MAP is an air pressure sensor and the megasquirt uses it and some other parameters to work out the air flow. If you really want to use a MAF that bad i think stoker100 can make you a chip to make your ecu work with it but there is other things you should be doing first
You can set up a Megasquirt to work with a MAF, but this isn't very common.
sweet than its settled ill let my vaf get me by, or get a used one, until i can afford a megasquirt. Thanks guys
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