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Hi, My name is Ben i have been on this site a couple of years now and still have my 2nd gen MX6 i love it, i've tried to sell it once, then removed the listing off ebay as i realised how much i love it.

I now run a small vehicle transport business. I am based in the North East of England, I have been trading about a year now and provide a professional, very fairly priced service. I do provide a nationwide service although I rarely go further south than Birmingham and Cambridge or further north than Glasgow or Edinburgh.

Usually I do long distance (100 miles+) at 90p a mile (one way travel so it'd be 45p a mile round trip) so a car from Manchester to Newcastle would be £135 (its about 150 miles), this price is based on the job at some point going near where i'm based, Yorkshire... If its not i'll do my best to keep costs down...

If you want a Mazda moving and you've seen me on this site, quote my username when you contact me and i'll do it 85p a mile (where possible).

For more information visit the website where you'll find my number then if you want you can contact me by Email, Call, Text, Using the in-site contact form or you can reply to this post.

The business name is Transrec and you'll find more information at Vehicle Transport & Recovery in the North East - TransRec

Thanks for reading, hopefully i can help you.
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