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Very low idle ~350RPM

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Ok, so after 10 months and ~$2600 later, my mx6 starts up and idles for a while. Unfortunatly it is idling around 350RPM, and opening the throttle has ZERO effect on anything. Pushing the peddle/manually opening the throttle results in nothing. I'm guessing this means my TPS is toast, but IDk as I cant get any codes out of my car. Then after running for varying amounts of time, it straight up dies. Anywhere from 10 seconds to 3 min.

Anythoughts on this? I've adjusted the disty for 12 degrees BTDC, so it's where it should be at.
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I'm pretty sure the timing should be set at 10 degrees. I doubt that this is your problem though. If your idle doesn't change at all, it might be your ecu is toast.
My guess would be that the VAF is stuck closed, so it can't get any air. Or the throttle butterfly linkage is broken. On the other hand, if you removed the air intake, and opened the throttle butterfly by hand, and still nothing happened, forget these theories.
Is your VAF connector plugged in??
Yeah, VAF is plugged in, and I got a new ECU from Hughes.
Had the engine set to fire at both TDC and -12TDC(-12 listed on the hood), and there was no difference.
Think I found the problem though... Something's fucked up between the engine and tranney, probably the torque convertor. When the engine is cranking to start, it makes a scraping sound until the engine kicks over, then it's fine(just the slow idle. Hard as hell to crank the engine by hand, so I'm going to be removing the engine/tranney next week to see what's up.
Remove the plugs and then crank the motor by should be much easier and you'll have a better chance of hearing your scraping sound.
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