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vris info need help

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ok so were to start i got into a accident and a couple of my sensors and solenoids broke or stopped functioning replaced them all besides on sensor that i recently found out was called the vris sensor/solenoid the tube adapter goin to the electrical sensor broke off. what i did is connected the hose that was in the bottom of the sensor unit and joined them together with a nylon connector i unplugged the sensor unit and i have no codes. before when i didnt have the tubes connected it would hesitate at around 4500-5000 and sometimes either jump but this might have been part of other sensors being disconnected... so i was wondering am i losing any power by doing this or losing anything and is it worth it trying to find another sensor unit because i was thinking about putting a piece of copper tubing in place of the plastic adapter that fell off.
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Well... In short, all the VRIS does is add power. It utilizes what it already has, and builds more with that. If you need a true explanation, well...

But, if you're wondering if it's necessary, no it's not. All it is for is a better power curve. If you don't have it, your car will still run fine, just won't have the power you may be used to...
explains things so its probably worth it to go find a new electrical sensor
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