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[WA] Saturday 18th October - Night Cruise.

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Need a break from clubbing, blowing money on drinks and taxis and the whole, getting home at 4am thing. So a cruise is in order.

Date: Saturday 18th October
Time: 8pm, 8:15 leave
Meetpoint: Powis Street carpark, Lake Monger. (Easy enough to get to - see image below).
Route: Map to be provided - will be a circle-like route, heading north along coast - go inland - south of river and work back to a central finish point.
What to bring: Full tank of fuel, money for food (will try and have a stop somewhere), common sense.

As per any cruise - No loud stereos, horns etc at meet/stop points. Muppets will not be welcome - so that means keep left, don't tailgate, and don't do anything stupid that will make everyone else suffer.

I may be open to let a small number of non-OMC/ members attend, please PM me if you wish to invite someone.

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im going to try and make it
ooooooooooooo i miss out again:( lol hmmmmm when the next time
Lol. Shit.

I forgot to update this.

It was cancelled. My Water pump fucked up 2 days prior.
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