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We'll need some prrof to back up our claim though. We need to send real proof (dyno sheets) of these modded cars. Don't expect SCC or any other magazine to believe claims of 40% hp increase at the wheels on your say-so. Perhaps this sight could have it's own project car, someone that starts with a stock MX6 and succesfully mods it up to a real street fighter. Memebers could volunteer ideas for mods, giving detailed instructions (w/ pics.) of the upgrades. This could then be built into a library of MX6/ Probe mods.
Perhaps even a ladder (stages) to follow in upgrades. Wouldn't it be great to go to a car show, and, like all the Z owners, 'stang owners, or Honda owners, say,"I have a Stage IV MX6!" and have people ooh and ahh at the car?

sorry, 2-1/2 cents
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