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Re: Very True Indeed

dcphinfan said:
I thought the same thing. They wanted to show a trend. SCC did not want to just throw on a blower and said Were Finished. They like the motors with hugh amount of untapped HP.
The KL series has easily the potential of their beloved Acura Type-R: the 'ZE makes 200HP in the Japanese market. Total amateurs within our "community" of Probe & MX6 (and even 626) owners are bolting on home-made turbo kits on and getting 225HP to the wheels. Gerry Sica is turning 180HP or so to the wheels with bolt-on mods, all-motor (for reference, a 195HP Type-R puts 167HP to the wheels according to the latest edition of SCC...) The potential is there.

SCC said they were going to do [paraphrasing] "whatever it takes", including mention, I believe, of cams, to get the most out of the engine. Instead, they bolted on flashy pedals, a shiftknob, a shitty HKS intake (breathing hot radiator-air) and an HKS exhaust. They did headers later but showed no real gain.

The project was rudderless from the get-go, their opening words notwithstanding. Did they ever took the intake off? I seem to recall mention of extrude honing or something... Certainly, a valve cover never came off the car. They spent more than a year's worth of issues and untold thousands of dollars on Project MR2. I have the Oct/98 issue beside me: the Project Sentra SE-R that I just saw in that issue is still going today - that's two YEARS of Sentra project! We had, what, 4 issues spread over 10 months or something?

It's a shame they didn't start with an MX6. The PGT, having a Ford badge, probably didn't sit well with the editorial staff nor the Honda hordes that make up 99% of that ragazine's readership. I can only imagine the hate mail that dufus Saavedra recieved for daring to put a Ford (!) in SCC. At least if it was an MX6, (read "Japanese"), it might have stood a chance to have a fair amount of resources and effort put into it.

My 2c.
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