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I'm hoping to get my Walbro 255L in this weekend, so that next weekend my car can start getting high off of n2o:nuts:

Never done anything with the fuel pump/fuel tank (didn't even know where it was before looking in Haynes) and was wondering if there are any hints/tricks/info I should have before attempting this feat. I guess I should also ask if this is a task for a rookie?? And anybody got a gestimate on how long this will take (don't forget to figure in the idiot factor :D )

Also will I need to change the exhaust gaskets after removing it to get to the fuel tank (I just put a greddy and new gaskets on less than a week ago...I know I know i should have done this then, but I didn't have the pump yet). And finally do I REALLY need to get a new gasket for the pump flange....Haynes suggests it, but I doubt I'd be able to get a new gasket by today (Ford/Mazda NEVER stocks the parts I need :( ).

Thanks for any info
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