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On the way to an autocross a racing friend comes up on me at a good clip. We both slow down for a 50mph intersection, I give him a couple hazard flashes drop 2 gears to 3rd and go for it. I had a jump on him, but as I later found out. He was'nt paying attention. Here i am in 5th starting up on 135mph and the NSX is reeling me in,... hard. He ran by me at full throttle, omg what a sound. Later I found out he'd just shifted from 4th to 5th and was still accelerating hard past me at 146mph.

Man I love that car at full song.

rule of thumb never give anyone time to downshift it's no such thing as a friend when it comes to racing. it's either smoke or get smoked!!!! besides dont feel too bad look at the price difference about a $50,000.00 difference.
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