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Want New Fog Lights

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Im looking for a set of e-spec fogs to match my e-spec headlights. If anyone has a set let me kno right away and lets work out a deal.
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my buddy just bought a espec headlight and fog package ill let you know what he wants for the espec fogs.
which ones are espec? i got the ones with the chrome surround bit and i got ones that fit the bumper hole perfectly without the chrome surround

although one of the chrome surrounded ones is kinda stuffed on the inside...:(
I can get them if you want but would need to know what you are willing to pay (shipping from the uk aint cheap!)

Bear in mind that e-spec wont fit an a-spec bumper very well as they are smaller. I've sold a few sets on here, ususally with headlights but only 1 guy has done a write up on fitting them. i'll have a look for it.
have a look at A Simple MX6 pics here

He bought the package off me.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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