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Wanted: FD wheels

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Looking for a set of good condition FD wheels for my 6. They must be structurally sound, cosmetics doesn't matter. No bent, curb rashed or dented wheels please.

Let me know what you have...
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i suggest you go to rx7club and ask there. when i was looking for a set, there were a few sets being sold but luckily i found a local guy on craigslist selling a set :) hope you find some, they are sweet
Yeah go the board route. I bought a set on eBay out of Florida. The deal went bad and I ended up spending a crap load getting a matched set. Don't buy from the guy on eBay who sells anythingmazda he is a scammer....
Good luck!
I have set 15'" factory alloys very nice shape with tires off a 93 can send photo's if needed, do $30 each plus shipping
fd weels

i have a set if you still need them 300obo
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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