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wanted to replace parts damaged in shipping

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right i have a small list of items i need to get the car back to 100%
my car was resprayed last year before being shipped to oz but in transit the following have been fooked up.

1) Front drivers side head light and indicator , will take espec or a full set of jspec lights

2)Drivers side wing silver if possible

3)Bonnet silver if possible (this will be the 3rd bonnet fitted to the car none of which i have damaged ) have a price of £300 for a carbon bonnet.

I would like a pair of front seat in black leather as well to the replace the seat Aussie custom cut down the sides, looking at a pair of 07 Toyota celica front seats to see if they will fit.


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Can do you the bonnet and wing in silver.

PM me if interested>

ok wings and bonnet sorted .

thanks del

just need the lights and seats.

ta gareth
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