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I worked at Canadian Tire for 2 1/2 years. I was laid off on December 25th (Christmas) Last year. ( They Only wanted FULL-TIME workers so, they laid us ALL off)
Anyway, here's an Automotive Warning for all of you.
A woman came in once and dropped off her Neon! She needed a head Gasket replaced! Now, she knew that it was going to cost about $1000.00. Anyway, the car was there for 2 days and no one knew what for! On the third day the woman called Rick Ainley in Auto Parts and reamed him out for the length of time it was sitting there. THEY FORGOT TO ORDER A NEW GASKET!!!
So, the woman tells him that she is coming to pick it up the next morning regardless of what happens with it. The new Gasket wouldn't Get there until the next morning. SO, ( GET THIS: ) They took the Head Gasket out of ANOTHER NEON that was waiting to get a new muffler, and Put it on the Woman's car!!!!
She STILL paid the full $1000.00 amount for a Gasket that was 6 years OLD!
The OTHER Neon, was seviced with a Brand New Gasket, and a New Muffler the next morning! Now the person was unaware of the new Gasket put in, but, got a good deal. However, the other woman, still paid a TON of cash, and got someone else's USED gasket!!!
Now this joke was going around C.Tire and still is. It is the worst case I have heard of from that store. I used to work there and have heard stories you wouldn't belive from the automotive workers. Everything from:
- Leaving Tools Inside the Engine.
- Finishing the Job With More Nuts And Bolts then to do with.
- Stealing money out of the seats.
- While the tire has been taken off, pissing on the stut and brake...( Hidden from CO-Workers )
- Dropping a Jeep Grand Cherokee off the Lift.
- Ripping the Leather Seats of Cars, and not repairing them. Just saying it was the customers fault.
- ETC.ETC.ETC...............
I have put this in the General maintenence Section for the reason that this is where you will find out about the horrors that go on at Canadian Tire. DON'T GO THERE IF IT'S THE LAST PLACE ON EARTH. You can probly do a better job yourself.
I mean Really, Do YOU really want Dog Shit shoved up the tailpipe of YOUR car because the woman who you are now seeing is the EX-GIRLFRIEND of one of the mechanics?????? I don't Think SO~~~~~

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I did co-op at high school at Crappy Tire. They made me (17 years old at the time) do almost everything... from re-wiring to a/c systems... anyway, the worst I dud was 'borrow' peoples tapes and CD's... heh

Also Canadian TIRED has NOTHING... their selection is horrible.
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