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Washed the 6(56k Death, 22 pics)

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So yeah, I washed the 6, and met up with a friend for some pics today of our cars. We ended up taking a good amount, and these are the ones liked.

I'm actually thinking right now, when I do get it painted, keeping it hunter green with FD's, and perhaps E-Spec tails. Also eventually getting the E-Spec fogs installed.

But that's after my current dilema is sorted out, and I can do what I want with money again. Also not forgetting possibly a ZE swap in the future. :)

Then from there, possibly a set of K-Sports, and maybe the Mazda6 brakes? We'll see when the time comes.

Anywho, on to the pics!

(And btw, I'm a member of the cone filter on the MAF club. My stock intake broke in two places. :jump: )
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Nice plates! I'm pissed off i never got to see the projector at work. E-specs FTW
Nevermind i see 2 pics has the projectors on. the rest have high beems on.

Perhaps some night shots of the e-specs
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