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I'm currently looking at purchasing a GT28 Garret Ball bearing Turbo...

Is it just me or does an proper external wastegate seem like a good investment at the same time?

and instead of 'buggering around' with adaptor plates etc... there is nothing stopping me from mounting it on a custom manifold either - which is what i plan...

Should the manifold place the turbo as close to the head as possible - or as far down as possible so i can keep the manifold 'tunned length' ?

Would a T3/T4 hybrid be a better option - i have a friend with one on a 13b rotary he's thinking of selling - would this be suitable for 4cyl application.?

i'm aiming to break into 12's..... 13s seem to be too and i don't want to have to upgrade again.

also - i have to do my HLA's and timing belt soon - i'm thinking of taking the head off for a port and polish - is this worthwhile? or should the money be spent on the bottem end - balancing or blueprinting it??

any info would be of help!
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