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Weird problem

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Ok guys I got one for you. 94, I4 manual
at idle, my car revs up and dies. it fluctuates by about 500 rpm 2 or 3 times a second. At the low end it stays around 1000 rpm and can do this all the way up to 3000. a few days ago my car would die if i took it out of gear aftere driving on the highway. it also started flashing an engine code while running. 17. I tried testing the o2 sensor today and believe that it checked out ok. let me know what you think
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try checking your IAC and TPS, if thats not it check if your coolant lines going to the throttle body have been bypassed, i have bypassed them on my V6 and i sometimes get similar problems when its very cold out. try checking it you have air in your coolant. and one last check would be your alternator, just before mine tied it did something very similar to this
Replaced the IAC, same problem. Have no idea how to check the TPS though. i have found that if i unplug the single wire connector on the right side of the TB the problem goes away, but I idle at 3000+ RPMs.

In the week before I had the IM and TB off to replace the starter, could the problems be related?
I would def check for vacuum leaks/ manifold leaks. get some cheap carb cleaner or starter fluid in the sppray can and spray around the intake gaskets and all to check this (while engine is running).
haveen't found any leaks. i was thinking of pulling the tb again just to double check everything though
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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