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Weird sound coming from engine - not HLA

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I'm guessing some idlers, hydraulic tensioner and belt need replacing on my MX6 that I just bought. Good thing I paid a couple grand less than market price!

Engine has done 196,000kms (almost 120,000 miles)

Here's the vid, at the end when I pan across the valve cover area you can hear the knocking sound pretty well.

My question is - is it pretty much just the timing stuff needing replacement and can I leave it for a few weeks if I drive softly. Btw, the noise seems to stop if I rev beyond 2,000.
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Wtf the link was case sensitive and I must be stupid, I can't find the edit button lol!
Sounds like the hydraulic tensioner to me i would do the water pump at the same time and the oil seals should come in the timing kit and are worth doing to. That engine is very clean for almost 200,000kms :p
Yea it's a prick to get in there, I'd be changing as many things as I possibly can since you don't wanna be doing it all over again just for one little water pump etc.

Yeah engine is nice and clean compared to some other KLDEs I have seen in recent times. This one goes nice too.
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