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Desert Dice 2001

Hey everyone, some of you may have seen this on Probetalk (those that go there) and I was just emailed by an MX6 owner that I haven't posted here...doh! I completely forgot, sorry guys. Anyways, here's what's up. This is a meet for the west coast region (please goto the site to see what states) but it is open to any state that wants to come.

We are going to Las Vegas :D and will be staying at the Luxor, the price won't brake the bank, especially if we get more people to register. The date is set for June 21 (Thursday) to June 24 (Sunday) and we will have a little 'show' and head on over to the LVMS (Las Vegas Motor Speedway), gamble of course and party our little car-lovin' asses off all night long.

Go to the site for more details along with some pics of the Luxor.

[/b]PLEASE register if you are INTERESTED[/b]
***NOTE: This DOES NOT mean you are going, it just shows me that we have interest in this, because once I get 30 people intereste (we have 21 so far) then I can start setting a registration deadline and we can get this thing going***

Here is a list of the people going so far:

Adam Rinella
Benji Christensen
Billy Carlson
Cameron Peterson
Damon Tolentino
Greg Goss
Isaac Sangder
Jackie Stanich
Jon DiNisio
Jon Zeller
Jorge Ferrin
Justin Kravis
Kristen Jaques
Kyle Anderson
Marc Flemming
Matt Howard
Rick Stanich
Ryan Herauf
Summer Brons
Tony Novello
Travis Rendell

So, why isn't YOUR name on there :D Please tell everyone that you think is down with this event to goto the site, you don't have to own a Probe/MX6/626/MX3 blah blah blah, ANYone can come...THANKS :D :D :D

Desert Dice 2001
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