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ok, what are your preferences?

i have a tial WG, and had the following 3 options.

atmospheric... sound is as important as performance to me.. i've hated the sound of every atmospheric dump'd KL i've heard so far :\

atmospheric muffled... this was actually my first choice, running it through a tiny supertrapp bike muffler... but routed one way the tranny got in the way.. another way, it hung too low.. another way, would require me to cut the already carefully done crossmember all up again, and the last way would have been aiming at/melting a tire or bumper haha. i may still route it a little further back to exit under the car

the current temporary way (or maybe permanent) is simply plumbed back and down, joining the dump... results in an extremely quiet setup (until i open the cutout) but in terms of performance, ive heard this is the least desireable.. uses up exhaust flow that should be spent expelling the gases actually making me faster, not the ones that are just being bypassed.

so, preferences, other ideas? by the time i finish, i prolly wont change it any time soon, so nows the time if i am gonna!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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