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I believe that the front brakes share the same line, and the rear brakes share another line. Most cars have 60% to 70% stopping power on the front brakes, and 30% to 40% stopping power on the rear. This prevents fish-tailing, and also most of the breaking power goes to the wheels with the most weight on them. Not just because of the motor, but also because of the law of inertia (as you hit your brakes, more pressure is on the front, less pressure on the rear--unless you drive backwards, then it is reversed--he he).

I would check both front calipers, your passenger side may be weak, or the control valve that regulates pressure may be weak on the driver's side.

I had the same problem on a 1970 Ford F100 I had. No power brakes, and you'd barely touch the brake, and the driverside front tire would lock up bad. I rebuilt both front brake cylinders (these were drum brakes), drained all the brake fluid, brake job, every thing you can do to brakes, I did (except replace my brake lines). I finally got it to quit, I don't know what I did, but it finally quit.

Good luck. Your car is dangerous to drive right now, I know from experience.

When you find out what the problem is, let us know.
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