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What Can I Do

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alright i bought a Panasonic Head Unit Model #cq-dfx701u without faceplate on ebay for $43.73... granted its a $399.99 msrp... it was worth it..... so i searched around and i found that the manual for the headunit also fits the cq-dfx801u... so i bought that faceplate off ebay for another $30 and it worked perfectly for the first few minutes... then it started to get really realyl hott and it started to get so hott when i took it out it burnt my fingers.. whats wrong here... is the faceplate and headunit not compatable with one another or does anyone know what i can do... reminder this was hooked up to to 2 6 1/2's and some 4's
any help would be appreciated
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There is likely a wire or two different. Wait a minute - if I remember correctly the two are close to the same, but the 801 has a different display than the 701. That could very well be it - if the deck is sending a higher voltage to the faceplate for a different kind of pixel, it will get hot as hell, and eventually burn out. That'd be my bet.... :(
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