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What Is 4ws?

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ok i have a question i have a 88 mx6 lx but i need a new cylinder head at the moment and i like the mx6 as a matter of fact i bought a 89 gt from some guy but it needs some work it smokes when you turn it on its smokes a whole lot actually i have asked before on here what could it be and i just havent had anymore time to mess with it anyways its like a whole new world for me going from a N/A engine to a turbocharged and well i like i havent really had a chance to drive it but i drove it while it was smoking so i wasnt able to see what it can do but i always hear people talking about 4ws. what is it and was it on the 1st gen A and if so how do i know if i have it ? i have some pics of the car on my camera whan i get a chance ill post them up and ill take a vid of the smoke to get some ideas from everyone but until than i would like to know what 4ws and yes i know it means Four Wheel Steering. but how does it work and what are some of the up sides of it and down. thanks for the help
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that was funny to read :).

4ws means the back wheels steer as well. It is good for parking, and helps a bit with handling. If it breaks, cost alot to fix. No real downside, unless you are going full track car then the weight isnt worth the benefit. But on a street car it is awesome.
I know that much but i know it makes the back wheels steer as well but i guess i am looking for the mechanics of it rather then a definition ok how do I if my car has it where will it say it? I havent really spent much time with the car!
Look under the rear of the car. If there is a big steering rack there you have it, if not, you dont. Or turn on the car and turn the steering wheel while looking at the back wheels, if they turn, you have it, if they dont, you dont, or it is broken. Looking under the car is better.
thanks and i posted some pics on my "garage" i have some more i'm trying to get up so give me some time
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