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Guys, what is the big deal with the new 2000 Nissan Maxima ? Are there different engine specs in different markets ? Here in Australia the Maxima we get has a 153Kw 3L V6 (about 210Bhp), is this the same as the U.S. version ?
The reason I ask is I had a run with a new 2000 Maxima....the guy roared behind me at the lights, and parked it about an inch away from my rear bumper. I knew he wanted a run, so when the lights went green, I gunned it (I have a 93 manual MX-6 V6, high flow & exhaust). He stuck with me until I got into 2nd, and then he trailed further and further behind, and I got upto 170Km/h by the time I backed off (about 110mph....not something I'd do again). When he arrived at the next lights, he gave me a dirty look, turned left, and floored the throttle. He had so much torque-steer that he nearly swapped 3 lanes and went head first into a bus ! I couldn't stop laughing. So to all other aussie MX-6 owners, the Maxima is soft & easy to chew ! :)
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