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what is the size for stock tires on a 1989 Mazda 626 LX

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i bought mine with after factory rims, and the guy before me changed the size to a bigger one i believe. the only reason i care is because my spedometer is inaccurate as a result. i think the proper size is 205/50 but i'm not sure. please reply ASAP!
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if you look on your inner door, or even owners manual, it will list what your stock tire size for the vehicle is.

there not 205, even the GT doesnt get 205's. off hand, i think a 89 626 n/a depending on rims it had, should be about a 185/70/14 or so
185-70r14 for a lx
195-60r15 for gt
The probe GT had the 205/60 r15 size... not the Mazdas..

LX could have either 185/70r14 or 195/60r15.
DX only had 185/70r14..
89 pgt's had 195/60/15's. the 90-92's had the 205
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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