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What is this sound?!

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Hey guys, my engine is knocking and I didn't know if this was the sound of HLA's or what. So I got my PDA out and recorded some sounds. The first one is my 2.5 liter at idle. The second is the engine revved. And the third one is the exhaust note that peaks at about 4.5


btw, I love the sound of the exhaust note

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No, I havent done an engine flush, what does an engine flush consist of? I also usually use Quaker State High Mileage Formula 10w30. Another thing about that noise, 9/10 it goes away when the engine is warm and usually (not always) only happens on cold starts. It's not as loud as it sounds on the WAV file but loud enough to where you can hear it in the car. Also, if you listen to the idle rev, it kinda coincides when the throttle is pushed. One more thing, if you listen to the exhaust, after it revs each time you can kinda hear a grinding noise, you have to listen closely.
I just replaced my timing belt a little while ago, where is this friction gear you speak of? Is this what you are talking about

It says it's pretty much not a big deal from what I'm understanding.
I've stumped ya :)
lol...well I wouldnt consider myself a master mechanic by any means, but I think I would notice a small animal in my car if there was one in there.
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