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What is this sound?!

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Hey guys, my engine is knocking and I didn't know if this was the sound of HLA's or what. So I got my PDA out and recorded some sounds. The first one is my 2.5 liter at idle. The second is the engine revved. And the third one is the exhaust note that peaks at about 4.5


btw, I love the sound of the exhaust note

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My HLAs got bad, but certainly never made THAT sound. I don't really know what that is. Have you tried oil changes to full synthetic and an engine flush? If so does it still sound like that?
Noncorporeal said:
There is a dead cat in your engine?? Thats my best guess... :shrug:
We once got a racoon caught in the belts on my Taurus. It was a horrible sound and required much cleaning. The smell when the car was warm took weeks to go away.
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