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i recentley got into Nos and i am gonna get it this week i wanna know anymods that i need before i go and get the 75 shot for this 1993 mazda mx6 V6.... i have Msd Ignition, Headers, Exhaust, intake, 2.5 inch piping, gutted the cat, and a step colder plugs for the NOS please get back to me asap if you can email me a screen name that i can talk to you about nos.. My Email is [email protected] me thanx:confused:

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Talk to a PRO

My only advice with NOS is to get it installed by nothing but the best professional, and take their advice when they offer it. Personally, I know a few very intelligent car people who have told me to go nowhere near NOS unless I really like replacing gaskets and such......

I love my engine..... And i dont have the cash for constant repairs...... so I dont touch the stuff..... but thats just me...... if you have the cash and really want it, go for it, and just be sure to do it right..... AND DONT WASTE ANY NOS TOASTING CIVICS.......... Ha ha

Good luck.

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