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I have a 93 mx6 6v ls. I've been having the engine light come on and off for several months. I tried the malfunction codes and got a 15 and 17 error. I need to replace the front (left) O2 sensor.

I searched this site and I'm a bit unclear as to which part I need. Does anyone know the part #? I don't need OEM, just a good brand. I searched on and the bosch that everyone reccomends is 90 dollars (not 65 as I read), so I'm worried that it's the wrong part 15709 (i have a CA car). I did however find 2 on "" -
1. Oxygen Sensor OE connector
2. Oxygen Sensor w/adapter

it says they fit front or rear on CA cars. Does anyone know which I should choose? The first is 46 bucks US, the second 65.

Also, if there is a place that explains how i install it, please refer it to me! Thanks in advance!

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