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What size freeze out plug do i need.

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I have a 88 MX6 GT. Does any know what size i need for the one behind the waterpump. I dont have time to take it apart to find out. Work to much. Just want to pick up part befor take down.
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The question stands - why are you replacing the freeze plug? Typically you only need to replace it if the water froze in the system the the epxansion popped the plug. Which would mean you WOULDNT need to take it apart. Curious.

I Know the plug is bad because i put a new water pump in and i still get water leak from behind the pump. I know its the plug
I'd count on an improper seal on the water pump before the freeze plug, honestly. Call mazda, ask what size they are is my best bet.
Im just gonna take it down tomorrow and find out. I miss my baby
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