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What The Hell!!!!!!

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What the hell has happened to this poor car.

1993 MAZDA MX-6 V6 ABS WHITE on eBay, also, Mazda, Cars, Cars, Parts Vehicles (end time 11-Oct-08 20:52:43 BST)

I cant remember who this car belonged to but I do remember the mod's going on. I dont understand, it's not as if the body kit was a botch up, it was a really good job. If only I had the space.

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Thats an absolute crime!! what the hell happened to that paintwork? I've never seen anything like it! So sad.
flippin 'eck! what a mess, the car does look familiar too...i am gonna watch it, be interesting to see IF it sells.
That be Matts old 6 .. no doubt he has seen it knocking about.
The time and effort put into that car was immense.. and to see it end up looking like that is criminal..

Oh, and it wasn't just white... sort of a pearlescent finish..

i thought i had seen it before! what a huge shame, it looked really nice before too, I dont think it would be a good buy, who knows what else is wrong with it now?

i want that spoiler tho......

i cant understand whats happeend to that paintwork, its like someone has wiped it with a rag soaked in paint remover...

anyone on here bidding for it?
Here is a before and after...

makes the current state look very sad.

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Its either fire damage or someone has done the old "I don't like you - heres some paint stripped" job.

Thats really really depressing!! Thankfully its too far away to see it anymore, don't know they magic'd the full service history from tho, but I think thats the least of its worries :(
Oh my god, this thing was just a few miles away from me. If there had been time i would have gone and had a look, going by his name i would think he may be one of the hundreds of polish that around here.
Looks like someone gave it the used brake fluid treatment...

As you can see, its a bit different now :cry:
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