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Alright, well im sort of deciding what to do first on my car, appearance or performance. I'm only 16, and right now i dont have much money at all, but i will be getting a hefty amount soon because some dumbass plowed into me doin 45 while i was on a sidewalk. Needed plastic surgery on my face, and pulled the ligament in the back of my knee, but anyway, my parents want me to put that twards college and stuff, but i wanna take out like 3-4k and put it into the car.

Now i dont really like the idea of sleepers, i think they are cool and all, but when someone sees my car i want them to go, wow. If i went with performance first, id probably end up getting myself into allot of trouble }) (or more than im already going to get into). But if i do the looks, im gonna have cops on my ass anyway.

So this is what i was thinkin of:


-350z metallic blue paintjob
-Shogun invader body kit
-17" gunmetal rims w/polished lips
-Tinted windows, heads, and tails
-Painting some of the interior to match the exterior
-Racing seats, reapholstered back seats

Performace: I really need some ideas on this, seeing how i know close to nothing about engines (trying to learn). But i pretty much want the basics.

-Lightened Flywheel
-Short-throw shifter
-Muffler (not really performance, more for the sound, and part looks)
-And eventually a custom built turbo set-up

And, gotta have the sound system :cool:

I was thinkin 2 12" Infinity subs, i already have a nice fold-in kenwood deck.

Now im not BS'ing here. I know this will take tons of time and tons of money, and 4k would just put a small dent in the costs. But ive already decided i want to keep this car for a long time, no matter how much it costs to maintain. Even after i get a new car, i will keep it just to have. So you know, being 16, I'm really into the looks of the car, and basically told everyone i know what im planning to do. I will hopefully be getting the money sometime in the next few months. Just wondering, what all of you would do, and any ideas, comments, or criticizms are welcome. Thanks everyone in advance.

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Factory Sleeper

Well the car is pretty much a factory sleeper anyway. It pulls on alot and I mean ALOT of cars that are out there now. ALso if' you're pushin a v6 forget about it. They're pushin 15.7 in teh 1/4 so do the math compared to other cars. If you wanna go the simple performance upgrades. An intake, exhaust and maybe drop the car. Thats about all I can think of at 1.14 AM. Later kidd.


You need to be fast before you look fast. ;)

IMO, if you can get 4 grand out for your car put 2 grand towards performance and 2 grand towards looks. This way you can have an even car. 2 grand will get you some of those performance parts you are wanting, but limits your looks if you go with a body kit. The body kit will allow you to get a full kit and probally a paintjob with maybe enough left over for some interior paint, if you shop around.
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