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For you guys that installed an aftermarket CD player in
your 6, what did you with the extra DIN hole where the
old CD player went? I am switching out the tuner with an
aftermarket deck and i don't know what to do with the
CD player in the other DIN slot in the dash. Any ideas?
Thanks guys

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i just got back from audio king to figure out the system
i was going to put in. i'm in that happy/sad mode cause
i ordered up a sweet system but it cost me a hell of a lot.
anyway, they said they would put in a "pocket" in place of
the CD player to put my checkbook, keys, etc. in. i don't need an EQ cause my aftermarket deck has a built in EQ.
thanks for your help cooldnoodle.

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That double din fits two packs of Kamels perfectly....and if you turn one of the cigs upside'll give you good luck.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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