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what to do?

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I own a 1996 MX-6 M edition
i am considering getting some kind of aftermarket intake.
any suggestions?
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ebay, google, search button.

in all seriousness there's only 1 thing to decide upon when getting an intake and thats price.

now if your a tightarse then eBay is your best bet, if you have some coin the PRM would be the way to go. personally i have an ebay intake and it does the job perfectly.
thanks for the info! greatly appreciated
all you really need is a good quality filter, pipes you can get from anywhere. Just move them around so they put the filter where you want it.
+1 on the ebay intake! be prepared to cut tho! With a lil ******* engineering and an extra coupler it'll work fine
it sounds haggard but i found a really nice intake in spring clean up it was all one piece alunimum i think it was orignially for a honda or something because the bends were for an intake on the other side. so on mine it wanted to point up. so i just took a sawsall and a file and started cutting. i made it into a cold air. for my car. its still a little dirty i didnt polish it yet but im getting better gas mileage and i feel alittle more pull and i love the sound intakes make. but so all i had to buy was a few cuplers the filter was still in good shape
nothing better than a free intake!
That PRM intake looks pretty sweet though, sounds nice.

Although my ghetto junkyard setup with a Weapon R filter(Found in the junkyard too, haha. On an MX6 too, believe it or not.) sounds similar. Really similar actually.

I'd like to see a plot on a KL motor of how much it increases power by though.
WOOOHOO another m-edition on the boards :D
Regarding "intakes" please don't buy an "electric supercharger".

Just whatever you do. :E
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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