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u talking about k-sport kontrol pro coilovers?

read the instructions. do not try to adjust ride height by raising the spring perch. u're just preloading the springs. use the lower mount to adjust ride height.

preloading the springs will increase rebound, makes for a rougher ride. but if u drive in the mountains with many curves in series, it's good to have more rebound.

on the lower mount, 2 large bolts bolts the coilover to the spindle (and a small one that holds the ABS wire in place). note that the top bolt hole is oblong in shape giving you an extra level of camber adjustment in addition to the camber plates on top. to minimize variables and confusion, i'd recommend matching the 2 sides by pulling the bolts to the furthest extremes of the holes and fine tuning it with the camber plates.

at first the coilovers will ride very rough, so just set all the dampening to softest. after awhile it will loosen up a bit, then u can set it firmer. if you set the dampening differently in the front and back, it will change the cornering characteristics by inducing either under steer or over steer depending if u set front softer than back, or back softer than front. so just play around with it, and drive safely while getting used to it.
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