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What would happen if I used a 32mm offset rim

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I currently have a 40mm offset and with a 32mm offset i'm guessing it'll rub the fender?

and does anyone have experience with tokico illumina and sprint springs (1.8inch drop) ? Would 17x7 40mm offset with 215/45/17 tires rub the fender, and I would also like to know about 17x7 32mm offset with 215/45/17 and the effects of it.
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A smaller offset moves the wheels outward, so they have a tendency to fill out the wheel well better. Not sure if that would be too small and rub the fender or not. I would guess with a wheel that is 6.5" or 7" wide (like stock) and a tire that is 205 mm like stock, you will probably be ok. 10mm is equal to just over 3/8 inches. Not really that much.
I thought if we went 17 the safe size for tires would be 215/45/17

but anyhow do you think 215/45/17 with 17x7 with offset 40 or 42 will rub anything? if I got the tociko illumina and 1.8inch drop all around
It won't. I had 17s on for like four years with 225 on a 42 offset rim and only one rear side rubbed with a lot of weight in the car or over larger bumps. You can always roll the fenders if you really want those rims and they do end up with the tires rubbing a bit.
I went back to 15s about 2 months ago, off an old RX7 BBS rims, because they weigh only 12 lbs each and I can put any width tire on. The car looked better with the 17s, but I didn't like the weighty feeling (something over 50 lbs with the tires and rims weighed together, now it is like 32 lbs at each corner).
isn't 225 tires bigger or something?

so do you think I should down size to 16 inch rims if I wanted to drop it 1.8 inch or should I just drop it 1.3 inch with eibach pro or something then it should clear?
I can't tell you about it clearer with Eibachs or not. 225 mm is a wider tire and is more likely to rub the fender than a 215 mm. A 205 mm will not rub for sure. 16s look good but I am not sure you want to invest that kind of cash for 16s over the stock 15s. My best advice is to get lightweight 17s if you want the look, and go with 215/45R17 tires, and get the Eibachs with some new struts.
Go to and the gallery here at too and see what other guys have done with their rims and springs.
17" x 9" 35 offset with 235/40 17 and 25mm wheelspacers would not work? without rubbing i mean.
I use this to check wheel offset, work pretty well.

Wheel Offset Calculator
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