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Whats That Noise???

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ok after alot of stuffing around and long hours spent, I finaly got my new headunit/splits 2 amps and my kicker sub installed

I put rubber washers in between license plate and back bumper but it still rattles like crazy

how the hell do I stop my boot from rattling every time I want to listen to music loudly. Ive tried securing the muffler cause at first that made a difference and putting washers between my license plate and bumper but its still going argh

anyone else have this problem? if so how did you fix it.
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You should buy some dynamat. Or at least the generic stuff. It really does help a lot. My trunk rattled like crazy before and it was annoying. So i threw in some of the generic dynamat and i dont have a problem anymore.

But i dont really know how you can stop the boot from rattling. That stuff may help but im not to sure. :shrug:
short of bracing, you can use lots of dynamat. I use second skin damplifier, just as good if not better and costs a lot less
what your hearing is probably your exhaust. Its a pretty common problem in these cars (I was runnin 2 12"'s and a 1500 watt amp). You can stop your trunk from rattling by using Dynamat or a another type of dampener. I dont know what to tell you about the exhaust I never fixed the problem before I sold the car
But i dont really know how you can stop the boot from rattling. That stuff may help but im not to sure. :shrug:
Boot = Trunk in Euro and Aussie talk
sheep don't help him, he needs to watch more Top Gear and thats his own fault. You think I knew what a saloon was before that show? I thought you could only find those in wild west movies.

What you should do though is turn your system up and get out of the car to investigate where the sound is coming from. Put your hand on a body panel to see if it stops the vibration. If it does, massloading is needed. If you hold your exhaust and the sound goes away, then you need to jimmy-rig something up
great whitenoyz, now hes gonna remember you said that after a 15 minute drive to the mall test it out when he gets there and burn his hand lol you said not to help him.

But seriously I learned first hand in Australia and England. So when I saw my first few top gears I was fluent :) they really do have cooler names for everything
lol doubt he will but if he does I will send him his sign...
o boy ... at leats you are not complaining about engine noise cuz that wast he main problem in my car and did i ever work lojgn hours to fix it ..

as far as the rattles.... um... ya... i have currently put about 72+20+20+20+20+20+12+12 = 196 sq.ft of dynamat extreme in my car.

running 2400 wtatts RMS to my subs has let me discover that our cars our crap for sound systems hahahaha.

BAsically the places you sound check are the back Deck ... this is a rly hard one, and i dont even think mine is completely fixed. i basically dynamatted the top , underside, and the under side of the plastic piece, and used a soft foam filler. but i dont think that worked, not sure cuz havent put the plastic on again.

Um as far as the trunk. it is bad... haha ... umm ya i would pick up some dynamat and do the underside of it at least.. that should help a lil... i still get out side rattle (way quiter now), which if loud enough , you will hear inside. the main source of it is the spoiler.
anotehr one from teh outside is the rear bumper right in the center between the tails. thats bad too... idk how to fix that one without taking the bumper off . there is another one that i found to eliminate alot back there ,,, but i forget it ... i will check again and figure it out..

really though u just gotta get out and push on things to see if it stops. and then use lots and lots of dynamat (i hope your not to worried about weight)
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