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what should i look for to know when to replace the clutch? I dont think mine is slipping but im not sure... i have that real soft engagement when i drop it into 2nd. i can burn the tires great in 1st, but if i drop it into 2nd it just kinda takes its time engaging. im trying to figure out if this is normal on the mx6 or not. thanks

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I had the same problem. The reply i got is that the stock clutch is what they called a civilized clutch. The thread id=289. The stock clutch saves a bit on the flywheel.

The clutch was built for smooth engament and so it was not made for quick shifts. For the same reason i think that you wont be able to fit nitro's on a mx6 with a stock clutch.

Put the car in 5th @ 20 km/h and floor it. If the clutch do not start slipping, then it is still ok.
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