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Where Can I Purchase A Klze Jspec Ecu...?

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i have the jdm kl31 ecu along with the je50 maf.
make an offer.
Hey, your car looks bad as hell...I like the kit, and I was wondering where I can get my gauges in Kilometers like yours. Youre in Canada, and if im not mistaken they use kilometers up there instead of MPH, but I like the whole kilometers thing, its more JSPEC than MPH, so if you know where I can get gauges in Kilometers, let me know. PM me. Also, the MAF youre talking about...thats the one for the MX3, right? If no one is interested in your ECU and MAF, ill buy it from you if the price is right. Keep in touch.
dream theater:
is your price for the maf as well or just the ecu. if its only for the ecu then its yours.
if u want both, it will be $325 shipped. the maf is a must for the ecu, without it it wil not function.

thanks bud, unfortunately i custom made that gauges. however im sure u can get gauges in kmh on ebay. as for the mx3 maf it will be $75 shipped.
Ecu and Air Unit

Mel 325 sounds good. I sent you an email via Hotmail with info on the sale. Any chance you can do 300 total? If you could do that i'd be eternally greatful. Just dropped the ZE and those are my only 2 missing parts.

dream theatre:
if u still want this let me know asap cuz
who ever pays first, will take it. i accept paypal only, and since paypal takes 2% it will be $331.5.
are these the parts that came directly off a klze? what would they do on a kl03? my uncle has (had) a ze pgt that he wrecked and said i could have what parts i wanted. im not too sure what will fit into/onto the 03 from the ze and im not sure what swapping parts from these motors would do. if you guys know what would be some good part swaps, id love to know. thanks alot.
the klze ecu and vaf would effectively unoptimize your vris points. Resulting in an impressive power loss.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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