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Where is the trunk light switch?

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A couple of months back, I found out that the mx6 had a trunk light, but mine has never had one. I looked in the trunk, and there was an empty bulb socket there with no light cover, so this weekend I went to the wreckyard and picked up a bulb and light cover from a 626. I put the bulb in today, and it worked, but when I shut the trunk and looked through the fold down seat to see if the light turned off, it was still shining!

What I need to know is, where is the switch that 'tells' the light to turn on and off when the trunk is opened and closed? I quickly looked in the trunk but didn't see anything.

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you could always put one in, you can get a pressure switch at home depot and install it somewhere around your trunk
yeah but there should be one already cause it's supposed to go off when it close (i think lol)
i think it may be integrated into the latching mechanism...but I'm not sure, it's been years since I had a 2G
I thought about that too Kansas, but didn't have the will to start another task on the car just yet unless someone points me in the right direction...I was hoping there would be a quick solution to this one.
i knew it!!
we DO have a light in the trunk.
my doesnt light up.
I can look for you tommorow :) Just be sure to remind me.
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