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Where to get decent priced HLA's

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Well my motor has been ticking really bad lately, so I decided to pull the rocker arms off so I could clean the oil passages and the HLA's themselves off. After I cleaned everything I reinstalled the HLA's with clean oil, then put the rockers back on the engine.
Well The ticking is still there and it didn't get any better at all. So Ive come to the conclusion that I have a couple of collasped HLA's.
I went to my local Mazda and they wanted $38 CDN each for the HLA's...I was like WTF thats way too much...lest see...$38 x 12= $456 + tax...No way, Im not paying that much for HLA's Crazy Mazda.
So heres my question where can I get 12 New stock HLA's for a decent price, Id rather it be in Canada but will order from the states if cheap enough...

Please help


PS: Is there any way I could go with Solid lift adjusters? What are the pros & cons with going this route? Is there any type of engine I could pull used solid lift adjusters that will pop right into the hole on the stock MX-6 rockers?
1 - 10 of 10 Posts, they will only cost you 9.00 us a piece, you wont find them any cheaper than that, i just recieved mine on monday and they look perfect.

ok thanks...Ill probley buy them from there..thanks for the link.
But what about doing a solid lift adjuster mod? I seem to remember reading somewhere that you could install solid lift adjusters from a RX-7 into the MX-6. I just can't remember if it was just as easy as pooping them into the hole..or if it required some modifaction. I also don't remember what year RX-7.

since i've been reading up....

on this very topic but did not want to read every thread out there.....and there is about 9 million threads......someone posted something about mazda trucks having solid lifters (b2200 model-that model # is prob wrong...) but there is a post or two out there floating in space about solid lifters......hope this helps some.....
Methman said:
I seem to remember reading somewhere that you could install solid lift adjusters from a RX-7
May i suggest you too spend some time reading about rotary engines?
You want find any thing even close too any valve train part in an RX7 because of the above mentioned Rotary (or Wankel if you want) ;)
Order the B2000 rocker arms and lifters from flatlander racing if you want to go to solid lifter. Only the B2000 has the FE engine that has solid lifters.

The RX-7 uses a 13b engine, which doesn't even have valves. You should read up on rotary motors on
is there any actual advantage to going to solid lifters on our engines??? And what fe engine is in the b2000??
According to FlatLanderracing, the FE engine (8 valve 2.2 injected) in the B2000 has solid lifters unlike the FE engine (2.0 8 -valve injected) in the GC's.

Solid lifters mean no more clogged and noisy HLA's. Just remember to adjust your valve lash ever when they start making noise. It also would (in theory)allow you to rev higher and use a more aggressive cam.
gotcha :tup:
FlySwat said:
Just remember to adjust your valve lash ever when they start making noise.
And whenever they don't make noise, as well. If they get too loose, they just get noisier. If they get too tight, valves don't seat, you lose compression and burn valves.

Because of thermal forces of expansion, they must have some clearance when cold. This means they'll be noisy.
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