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I've a 94 cyl. mx6. I have do a search on the forum and most of them are related to performance/hi-flow cat. I just want to look for a regular direct replacement cat., probably under a hundread bucks. Most of the performance cat are more than 150, not to mentioned OE cat., which is even more expensive than hi-flow cat...

So anybody have any good deals or links? Also, if you have the dimension of the cat (length and diameter on both end), please let me know too!


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Just goto any muffler shop and ask to have a replacement cat put on. They just take a generic cat, mopst of which are designed for up to 5.9 liter engine and weld appriopiate flanges and extentions on them to fit. To have a look click the link in my signature and you'll be able to see the one I just had put on with my new exhaust.
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