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Hi everyone

I have a '93 mazda mx6 V6 2.5 LS ATX.
My problem is that i don't know so much about the fixing up stuff so i would like to ask for anyones help.

I did some research about improvments and there are 3 things i would like to change on my car: Flywheel, Headers and Cold Air Intake. I have found the following products, just i don't know whichone to choose, money is not a matter in my choice, just the best performance increase what i care about.

So here is the list:

Unorthodox Racing Aluminium 11lbs. , price $500-$525
Fidenza Billet Aluminium 9lbs. , $310+15sh
Clutchmasters Lightened Billet Aluminium ?lbs., $452.29-$459.25
Nopi Clutch by Competition Clutch Lightweight Aluminium ?lbs., $459.18

HotShot Performance $449-$580
Bosal Ceramic-Coated $504-$539
Pacesetter Blue Armor Coat $309.80-$329
Pacesetter Black Paint Steel $189.95-$219
Pacetters Ceramic-Coated Steel $287.67-$299.95
OBX Racing Performance Racing Stainless price $325
OBX Racing Performance Probe V6 Headers 93-97 GT/mx6 Race 2.5L $349.95

Cold Air Intake:
ASPEC Cold Air Intake System (6-8% hp) $89.95
K&N Air Filter FIPK Sysytem $134.95-$153.14
HKS super Powerflow System $131.75-$155
HotShot Cold Air Intake System $165-$227
Weapon R Intake (9.5hp+) $140-$142.95
BoomzRacing's Short Ram Air Intake Kit $79-$99

HotShot Header+Intake $620+$45sh
These are the items i have found.

I would really appreciate it if someone could tell me what's the best from this selection or if anyone knows about something better than these then please let me know.


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flywheel: uve got an atx so u dont have a flywheel

headers: pacesetters are best but are known to rust and have crappy welds idk if any of the coatings theyre selling them with would prevent rust (i know the paint wont)

CAI: the only cai intake made for an atx is a hotshot for $180+ $15 shipping, its forsale on its part number CA04.

personally if i had the money i'd get the hotshot intake and pacesetter headers then reweld them and powdercoat them. also a good mod would be a bored throtle body

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yeah your best bet is gonna be the pacesetters and the HS CAI. also, add maybe an APEX'i N1 exhaust? you'd have to get it custom built tho. all they offer is the muffler and youd have to do like me and get a shop to fabricate the rest of it...but as far as cat-back is considered, do your research and find a muffler u like and have a shop do the rest.

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BTW, PRM is nowhere to be seen on your intake list. That's the only one I'd go aside from hotshot. It's what I use and I love it. Though Hotshot is quite nice as well. PLEASE don't consider Weapon R. Look up reviews on hotshot and PRM and youll find only good things. I guarentee you can't do that with any of the others.

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DOn't buy the Pace****ter crap.

I just got myself a SS headers from SSautochrome for $185 shipped to my door. The two people that has already bought them on probetalk confirmed they are nicely made. Still some problems but what custom parts doesn't have them.

For the money you get stainless steel, 1 5/8 primaries. I will get a flexpipe on mine and it will be perfect. The welds on these are pretty darn good, unlike the PS crap.
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