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Hi everyone

I have a '93 mazda mx6 V6 2.5 LS ATX.
My problem is that i don't know so much about the fixing up stuff so i would like to ask for anyones help.

I did some research about improvments and there are 3 things i would like to change on my car: Flywheel, Headers and Cold Air Intake. I have found the following products, just i don't know whichone to choose, money is not a matter in my choice, just the best performance increase what i care about.

So here is the list:

Unorthodox Racing Aluminium 11lbs. , price $500-$525
Fidenza Billet Aluminium 9lbs. , $310+15sh
Clutchmasters Lightened Billet Aluminium ?lbs., $452.29-$459.25
Nopi Clutch by Competition Clutch Lightweight Aluminium ?lbs., $459.18

HotShot Performance $449-$580
Bosal Ceramic-Coated $504-$539
Pacesetter Blue Armor Coat $309.80-$329
Pacesetter Black Paint Steel $189.95-$219
Pacetters Ceramic-Coated Steel $287.67-$299.95
OBX Racing Performance Racing Stainless price $325
OBX Racing Performance Probe V6 Headers 93-97 GT/mx6 Race 2.5L $349.95

Cold Air Intake:
ASPEC Cold Air Intake System (6-8% hp) $89.95
K&N Air Filter FIPK Sysytem $134.95-$153.14
HKS super Powerflow System $131.75-$155
HotShot Cold Air Intake System $165-$227
Weapon R Intake (9.5hp+) $140-$142.95
BoomzRacing's Short Ram Air Intake Kit $79-$99

HotShot Header+Intake $620+$45sh
These are the items i have found.

I would really appreciate it if someone could tell me what's the best from this selection or if anyone knows about something better than these then please let me know.

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