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Who are you with for car insurance and has anyone got their MX6 under classic ins?

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Hi, my insurance is up for renewal and i just wondered who everyone is with (if you can put your renewal price and age).

Also some people i know with MX5's (even with a W reg) have got classic insurance. Does anyone know if / where you can get it for the MX6 etc

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I always shop around using places like and There's quite a few of those sites now, I think Tesco do an insurance comparison service and I keep seeing those adverts for Bottom line is it always pays to shop around, get as many quotes as is humanly possible.
I was with Tescos for the last 5 years but this year their renewal was a joke. The price was nearly 10% more than last year so I went to to see what I could get. Last years policy was fully comp with 4 yrs NCD and breakdown recovery included for £329.

After searching on I got my policy with the AA for £249 and their repayments were nearly £10 a month cheaper than Tescos.
Not so sure you can get classic insurance on it, and suppose unless you done tiny mileages it wouldn't be worth it.

There's only a hundred or so GTti's left, none of them less than 15 years old and is listed in Practical Classics mag, but seems even mine isn't classed as a classic, depends who decides on what is a classic and isn't, we could have a huge debate just on this!!

I'm with, found them to be the around the cheapest for the last 3 years I've been with them, but best thing is doing everything on line, when I sold my 323 and transferred my insurance to my GTti all I had to do was change the reg details and within 24 hours my new downloadable policy was ready, price isn't everything they say!
Well, Currently I am with Swift, and it was £209, but i pay monthly at teh mo, so its about £29 PM, Diretc Line IS deaer, but monthly payments are cheaper for fully comp than what i am paying for TPFT..
ok I've phoned loads of classic specialist and they all class MX5's (no matter what age) as a future classic, but they all say that Mx6's aren't yet. -shame coz they are alot rarer than MX5's.

Cheapest I can get it for is £400 with elephant for my age & post code. with induction kit.

With no modifications it'd be £325 with Morethan. They say they dont insure anyone with a modification that improves topspeed/acceleration. I phoned them to see what this includes and they dont know, they said i would know and that i would have to test it first. Ha. -Elephant have their ball on straight, they gave you a page of your mods and you tick the relevant one.

Mine costs me £198 fully comp, with all mods and wheels declared. Thats through A-Plan brokers and is with Zurich insurance.

Guess thats the only upside of being 41:eek:

I did get a good discount for garaged and cat 1 certificated.

got it to £356 with elephant now.

(tip, if your young put a parent on as an additional driver)
I've found you can get a way cheaper quote if you include a female too (wife/GF). Mine is *much cheaper with the wife on as a named driver than without her - how crazy is that?
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