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Ive just seen a three car pile up on Springfield Rd in Blackburn. I didnt really think much of it until i drove past. Right at the front was a white 1st gen mx6. Very clean with Roh Blade rims.

The boot had totally disappeared into the back seat. I was totally stunned! This rd is a 60km zone and by the looks of the impact, the cars behind must have been going faster than 60. Than i noticed that the accident had taken place right on a school crossing. Two ambo's on site.

I really hope nobody was hurt! It also makes me wonder how solid are our cars? The mx came off worst out of the three cars. Though this was a quick glimpse as i was driving the other way.

Is the mx owner a member on this board? If so i hope you have a fast recovery!

It's sad to see another mx off the road.
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