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yeah, mostly everything will interchange. The only thing that I can think of that is different is the exhaust system on the 626 is longer since the car is longer, but it shouldnt be hard to fit one with a little custom work. As far as the ABS system. It's possible, but it requires a lot of work. Your halfshafts need to be changed, as well as the rear hubs, and then you gotta run the wiring for the sensors and the ABS computer (which resides under the seat). The ABS computer ties into the alternator and the guage cluster and I dont know if those wires will already be there. Oh and the fuel filter is different as well on the ABS model.

Also, on the intake, I would suggest either a Ractive filter like I have or just use the K&N filter. When I had an open-style cone filter on my old mx-6 nonturbo, the heat soak was terrible and actually reduced a lot of power especially in the summer. My friend (Kennymx6) has the car now and he put the stock airbox back in and installed a K&N drop in filter, and this has given the most power gains. The 2.2 N/A dosent really suck in all that much air, so the stock airbox isnt really a problem. Oh and make sure you keep the little boot that goes from the airbox to the fender, that's where all the cold air comes from. Trust me it works good. Kenny's car clocked a 0-60 of 9.2 seconds, and his is an ATX. That's GREAT for a 2.2 N/A with ATX.
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