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Bought a new window switch 1995 MZ6 is what she does.

Key off...push up and down for driver window and you can hear a motor click in left door. The lights on the heater controls come on as well when you push the button up. When you push the button down the lights come on and dim....

When you turn the key to the on position, the same actions do nothing at all.

turn the key off again and push the passenger door window button up and it does nothing but light up the heater control lights. Push the passenger button down and it unlocks the passenger door...let go of the button and the door flips back to lock.

Turn the key on and none of this happens...?????

Help if you can. I'm hoping this is some ground left off or something simple that others have dealt with. Thanks for your help in advance.

Mr. Tripp
Augusta, GA
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