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Okay, I was in my usual state of boredom at college and I was checking out the bulletin board at and found something about how to rewire the factory driving lamps so that they can come on separately from the headlamps...has anybody tried this for the MX6? I have a 94 LS and I want to install a third set of lights, and since I'm going to be tearing my hair out playing with wires already, I thought I could take care of that while I had everything taken apart.

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I did this mod about a year back and then redid it back. I didn't like the way it looked. Anyways, check out Ross's page read the instructions he has posted and follow them the same way.

In essence, what you have to do it pull out the fog light switch from inside the car. Then with a 12V light tester check for these wires:

WireA: Will go live when you turn the ignition key to accessories
WireB: Will go on when you turn the headlights on

Then what yo have to do is cut the wire that goes live when you turn the headlights on (wireB) and splice the end wireB that is still attached to the wire housing into the wire that goes live when you turn the ignition into accessories WireA.

So basicaly Cut WireB about 1" up from the wire housing and splice the end of that wire that somes out of the housing into wireA.

in this case, the orange wire is the accessories wire. And the red wire was the headlight wire spliced into the accessory wire.

Hope this made sense.
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